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Latest News|Sep 30, 2022

Dojo Wars 2

We are getting ready to kick off another event as Extreme Fight World presents Dojo Wars 2 live at the EFW Training Dojo inside the NEO Sports Plant in Euclid, OH on Friday night October 14th, 2022!

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At Dojo Wars 2 Dios Salvador was taken away to be treated from injuries sustained by the hands of J-Rocc and Ashton Day. Ronnie Rotten has signed the main event for Dojo Wars 2...

Ashton Day vs. Dios Salvador 1 on 1.

J-Rocc doesn't get away lightly, he is set to square off with Sebastian LeShawn who had a strong showing with their submission victory at Dojo Wars 1.

You can expect a full night of hard hitting action once the WARS begin! Also set to appear:

  • Vincent Nothing
  • The Deyos
  • Kano Josh Emanuel
  • Viktor Vale
  • "Vanilla Gorilla" Nick Brashear
  • The EFW Debut of Shawn Phoenix
  • The EFW Debut of JD Smooth
  • The return of Christian Noir
  • The return of Pastor C-Lo
  • The return of El Taino

Get your tickets right now as you don't want to miss this. Click here to purchase your tickets and don't forget to select your favorite wrestler when purchasing your tickets!

2022-10-14 - EFW Dojo Wars - 002

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2022-10-14 - EFW Dojo Wars - 002 - Back (web).png

Dojo Wars 2

Latest News|Sep 30, 2022

RESULTS: Dojo Wars 1

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