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Latest News|Aug 27, 2022

RESULTS: Dojo Wars 1

Show opened with the owner Ronnie Rotten explaining to the crowd how his brother John Rotten passed away and left him EFW in his will. How he (Ronnie Rotten) is going to bring back the same 3 letters but a whole new meaning (EFW).


Ronnie Rotten brought out Dios Salvador and addressed him and the crowd informing them that the #1 seed for the title tournament has been postponed due to John McChesney getting hurt and not being able to make it and would later make up the date. Ronnie asked the crowd and Dios to please join him in a 10 bell salute for his brother John Rotten. During the 10 bell salute, the absolute rude and offensive Big Daddy of destruction J-Rocc's music hit, interrupting the salute honoring the late and former EFW owner John Rotten. J-Rocc proceeds with talking about how John Rotten was a scumbag and he still owed him money and a title shot. J-Rocc claimed he was the best thing in Cleveland. As Ronnie Rotten and Dios are looking on in anger and disgust... Ashton Day's music hits and he proceeds to let everyone know that he is the new best thing in Cleveland and he deserves a title shot and how J-Rocc is a thing of the past in Cleveland and how you can watch him (Ashton Day) on AEW. Dios Salvador then interrupts them both (J-Rocc & Ashton) and says since he has nothing to do tonight and no opponent, how about he beats them both in a triple threat match. Ronnie Rotten asks the crowd if they want a new main event and if they want to see Dios Salvador vs J-Rocc vs Ashton Day and the crowd goes crazy for the new triple threat main event!


Match #1 - RJ Jonesie VS El Taino
Winner - El Taino via pin fall

Match #2 - Christian Noir VS Pastor C-Lo
Winner - Christian Noir via pin fall

Match #3 - Crummels VS Norm
Winner - Crummels via KO

Match #4 - Vincent Nothing & The Deyos VS Viktor Vale, Daisuke & Raven Aura
Winner - Vincent Nothing & The Deyos via pin fall

Match #5 - Butchie B VS Kano
Winner - Kano via split decision

Match #6 - Sebastian LeShawn VS Bray McKenzie
Winner - Sebastian LeShawn via Submission

Match #7 - Dios Salvador VS Ashton Day VS J-Rocc
Winner - Dios Salvador via roll up pin on J-Rocc
After the match is over J-Rocc and Ashton Day proceed to brutally beat and jump Dios Salvador until the owner (Ronnie Rotten) comes out and threatens to suspend or cut J-Rocc and Ashton day off the roster and EFW title tournament . Dios Salvador is taken to the the back and to the hospital for medical attention.

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Dojo Wars 3

Latest News|Oct 24, 2022


Latest News|Oct 11, 2022  
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Dojo Wars 2

Latest News|Sep 30, 2022

RESULTS: Dojo Wars 1

Latest News|Aug 27, 2022

EFW Dojo Wars 1

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Same three letters, whole new meaning...

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